ettv Announcement Regarding TV Shows

Mr.Gooner514.96K Mr.President
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10 February 2011
Shout out to all TV & ettv8.63M Lovers!

As per their profile status they wish to share with you all the following:

Yes we know the scene decided to switch SD TV show releases to mkv we have a simple solution for mp4 fans

step 1 download and install (it's freeware)

step 2 add your mkv file and press the next button

all done you will have your SD mp4 file in a matter of seconds application doesn't alter video quality it just remuxes the mkv to mp4

Please use this thread to discuss it and help one another.

Thanks for your time.


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Crepitusish215.34K Super Moderator
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17 November 2014
Bookmarked and Shared.. thanx Mr.G!
nixterydas14.68K Super User
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29 September 2015
Thanks thumb_upthumb_upthumb_uprock
LawFlirty63.28K Translator
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04 December 2014
Thanks.. Mr.Gooner514.96K ...|

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sibolis2728 Uploader
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01 August 2013
I don't care what format the show is as long as I can watch it and in a friendly size I will download.
Prolox475 User
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04 April 2016
Yeah, .mkv works for me. Keep 'em coming, uploaders, and thanks for all the great torrents.

TutorialKhan39.64K Translator
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18 September 2012
thank you
Ugliest784 Uploader
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24 October 2015
Awesome, bookmarked this.
XpoZ.Torrent38.23K Super User
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20 July 2014
I can do it without any software.yes any way thanks for the info.
dreamer_the_one4573 Uploader
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16 January 2010
is this related why ettv have not released "once upon a time" S05E15?
i've made a thread about that
Thread: Once Upon a Time - Discussion Thread

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